This summer, perhaps. I shall load up the WordPress system with reviews upon reviews. I have a mind to go back through my GoodReads list from January till now and to make a mini-review post, or several perhaps, of everything I’ve read this year so far. I can’t then promise to make everything hyper specific, but I can recommend titles.

These last few months have continued to try my patience, my resolve, my well-being. But the events of 2018 thus far have solidified my closest friendships and helped me make new ones that are already quite precious to me.

I’ve resigned my teaching position effective at the end of the school year. As most of you know, I currently teach in a small community that has presented some, shall we say, difficulties when it comes to being open to those outside the heteronormative, white, male, Christian community.  My first year here was especially difficult. Last year went smoothly. But for some reason this year, things got bad again, and gradually. It came down to my principal giving me a heads-up that because of my perceived sexuality and support of the #MarchForOurLives student walkouts, a parent was complaining that I shouldn’t be teaching in this district.

So I called a friend, cried, and decided to resign. It’s so strange to not have a solid plan. I’m 33 years old and feeling a bit adrift. More than a little helpless. But I have faith. That felt weird to type. Really weird, and I’m now typing in real time through an emotional reaction. Even if I don’t get a teaching job (should this scare me more? I really love teaching…), it’s going to be ok. It has to be.

Anyway. Good news, I suppose. I completed my first official review for Alternating Current Press’s review magazine, The Coil! You can check it out here. It’s rather exciting that I’m an official person somewhere out there :-D.

I’ll post again soon. Ish. Much love to everyone.