It’s now officially summertime.

And what a long winter it was.

But an update is in order. And starting next week I’ll be posting at least weekly again, so it’s gonna be a short update, but useful to get me back into the writing/reading/review world that I love so much :-D.

First: I have purchased my first home! It’s weird, but I love it. This tiny place suits my needs perfectly, and it IS tiny. It’s like a slightly overgrown studio. I’ll post pictures at some point, I’m sure, once I get the place cleaned up and organized. Like most people, I hate unpacking. Ugh. But it’s slowly coming along.

Second: I have a new job at a middle school which will begin in August.

Third: Lots and lots running through my mind and heart regarding the current state of affairs in the USA. Turning on or reading the news is overwhelming. Seeing friends and coworkers post things defending egregious human rights violations turns my stomach. I’m trying to work it out in my head, which means it’ll turn to writing at some point. In the meantime, I’m finding the resources in my new town that will help bring attention to the issues and help those most affected.

Much love to you all.