It would be a better use of your time to read other people’s words about why diverse books matter.  But for anyone who has not yet figured this out, you can click here and here and here and here to get started.

The #DiverseBookBloggers campaign started May 17th when a Twitter conversation between 2 bloggers occurred about finding others who blog about books written by diverse authors.  And thus the campaign was born.  And went wild.  Yay!  But to be part of #DiverseBookBloggers is more than reading a book where the young white protagonist has a gay cousin or an Asian best friend.  Here are some quick guidelines (as set out by Naz, co-founder of the campaign):

  1. #DiverseBookBloggers are not white, straight, cisgendered, able-bodied bloggers who write predominantly about authors of that same description.
  2. They ideally blog about #ownvoices authors and advocate diverse reading habits for all. This includes white bloggers who write about diverse literature regularly.
  3. They find themselves in the LGBTQ+ spectrum or are people with disabilities and blog about books that represent them when possible.
  4. The hashtag more generally includes any person who is LGBTQIA+, a person of color, or a person with a disability who also is a book blogger. But diverse reading is preferred.

Allies are awesome, of course, so if your blog isn’t consistently focused on diversity or if you aren’t a book blogger but still feel like being supportive and spreading the word, please please please do!

And if you ARE a #DiverseBookBlogger, join in!  Register at this link.

To find other blogs focused on diverse books: 100Story Reviews
The Call to Bloggers:
The Twitter feed for #DiverseBookBloggers:
The founders: Naz and Demelza

Why do YOU think this movement matters?